Frequently Asked Questions

Why should the public help MOCA?

Answer: National security is of paramount importance to Jamaica’s development. A secure nation guarantees productivity which in turn leads to a stable nation with investment in education, health... more

What makes MOCA officers different from the Police or others?

Answer: All members of MOCA, officers and support staff, undergo rigorous vetting, including polygraph testing. They hold the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness. Their work is... more

Can MOCA guarantee my safety if I assist them?

Answer: Intelligence received by MOCA is handled with the utmost confidentiality and is stored on a secure database.

Witnesses are given protection from the outset of any investigation and... more

How do I know I can trust MOCA officers?

Answer:  Integrity is the hallmark of MOCA. Our officers pride themselves on their professionalism which acts as their guiding force in all their endeavours. All reports and intelligence received... more

Does MOCA work on weekends and public holidays?

There are numerous investigative teams within MOCA and on weekends and public holidays selected members are detailed for duty and placed on call. This ensures that reports are dealt with in an... more

What is the best way to contact MOCA?

If you want to pass information in confidence then you should call 1-800-CORRUPT, for other enquiries you can email us at or message via our... more