Everybody can fight corruption and…

Your no counts!

People often think that they are at the mercy of corruption and that it is just a “way of life”. However, every society, sector and citizen would benefit from saying “NO” to this crime. Here are some examples of how everyone can say “NO” to corruption and:

  • Strengthen democracy… By informing themselves about the rule of law and what their Government has pledged to do to fight corruption. Being part of an informed citizenry is not only vital to a healthy democracy: it holds elected officials responsible for their actions.
  • Promote justice… By reporting incidences of corruption to the authorities. By coming forward, you not only stand against the corrupt, you also stand up for your community.
  • Support education… By teaching children that corruption is unacceptable. Parents can teach their children the value of integrity.
  • Bring prosperity… By refusing to pay or accept bribes, facilitation fees or gifts. Rejecting illicit rewards for work done or to be done sends a strong message not only to those who would attempt to solicit favours, but also to those working with them.
  • Safeguard development… By telling elected officials that fighting corruption should be an integral part of all development policies. Reminding those you put in office that they represent you, your community and your ideals, at home and abroad, is not only your right, it's your responsibility.
  • Improve public health… Demand easy access to transparent health-care information, for example on the services citizens are entitled to and their costs. Access to basic health care is a right of every citizen. Knowing your rights and asking the right questions are all part of being a responsible citizen.

Taken from the UN Anti-Corruption Day Call to Action Matrix.

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