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Integrity is Non-NegotiableThe Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency was formed in August 2014 and brought together the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) and the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force (MOCA TF). It is now an elite Agency focussing on tackling corruption in the public sector and bringing high-value criminal targets to justice. This will continue to develop over time and is becoming increasingly independent. It is structured around a joint-staff concept working with International Partners and bringing to bear the country’s best intelligence assets, investigators, and prosecutors.
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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Another per‎son has been charged along with George Knight, a former manager at the National Works Agency, and his five co-accused in the fraud case involving the National Contra

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica --Twelve people were arrested during anti-lottery scam operations in three St James communities early this morning.

FIVE people, including an employee of the Accountant General's Department (AGD), were yesterday detained by Revenue Protection Division (RPD) and Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (M

Attorney-at-law Dawn Satterswaite has been ordered by the Court of Appeal to comply with a consent order she agreed to with the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency or be held in contem

Security Minister Peter Bunting has urged white collar professionals to be mindful of high risk clients who may engage them to facilitate money laundering, as the Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act

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It is Corruption When
  • You cannot get a job/contract or lose your job/contract because of the political party you support.
Your no counts!

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