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forensics take data from a phone and writing an evidence form

What We Investigate

MOCA is Jamaica’s first fully independent Law Enforcement Agency, with a cadre of professionals charged with the responsibilities of conducting investigations and operations of the highest standards and professionalism integrity. The Agency is mandated to effectively tackle major organised crime, economic crime, cyber-crime, advanced fee fraud and grand corruption in Jamaica, through an integrated and cooperative approach with local, regional and international key stakeholders.

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Major Organised Crime

This is categorized as continuous criminal enterprises where each individual member, works together to profit from illegal or illicit activities that are usually in high demand.  These groups can be funded by corrupted government officials, connected people or international representatives.

Economic Crime

Also known as financial crime, is an illegal act committed by individuals or groups with the sole motive of earning financial revenue or professional advantages. These crimes usually appear to be low risk and victimless with high profits, making them very attractive for criminal enterprises and groups.

Money on keyboard
closeup of hands working on computer

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime involves the use of computers and technology to facilitate the commission of a crime. Cyber-crime has developed over the years to create criminal enterprises that pose great danger to our country's critical infrastructure.


Corruption involves criminal acts by persons within the government or government controlled enterprises. It usually takes the form of bribery, embezzlement or other forms of subverting due process and the law. This does not include private companies, voluntary organizations and households.

businessman secretly giving a bribe by giving money
credit card with a hook in it

Advanced Fee Fraud

Popularly known as the 'lottery scam', advanced fee fraud preys on both local and international victims.  Scams usually involve the promise of a huge payout in exchange for a small amount to fund administrative or legal costs.

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