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The Major Organised Crime & Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) last Monday

January 10th 2022, arrested and charged Trelawny accountant, Goldston Cranston, on charges of Forgery and Uttering Forged Documents.

According to MOCA, the Housing Association of Jamaica (HAJ) engaged a construction company, Complant Limited in 2017, for the construction of an apartment complex in the parish of St. Ann. The project was subcontracted to Elegant Estates Limited, who were required to submit a performance bond in favour of the HAJ. The director of Elegant Estates Limited, Mr. Garfield Daley, hired Mr. Cranston to procure two performance bonds on his behalf. One of these bonds was in the sum of JMD $16,497 06.00, and the other totalling JMD $5,493, 020.00.

On seeking to authenticate the bonds, the HAJ discovered that while the bond for

the smaller sum was authentic, the performance bond for the larger amount was fraudulent. The HAJ then reported the matter to MOCA and an investigation was launched. The investigation unearthed that Mr. Cranston fraudulently prepared the JMD $16.5M bond, in order to deceive the Housing Association of Jamaica.

Mr. Cranston was charged and placed in custody. He was offered bail to appear in the St. Andrew Parish Court on January 25, 2022.


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